Dear Readers,

Welcome to Her Idea! We are a website dedicated to celebrating women in creativity. Our goal is to compile innovative and inspiring things that we hope will appeal to female creatives all over.

Things we include:

• Spotlights of and interviews with creative women.
• Lifestyle posts that cater to creative needs.
• Reader participation and submissions.
• Tips to keep your creative mind active.
• Travel posts featuring places of inspiration.
• Entertainment posts with reviews on various media produced by (or that focus on) women.
• And much more!

We can’t wait to have you as part of the Her Idea adventure.


About the Creators:

Coryn and Caitlyn are sisters who live on opposite ends of the country – Coryn lives in Washington DC and Caitlyn lives in Los Angeles, CA.  Coryn works in university administration and loves to write stories, explore the world, and photograph people and places in her free time.  Caitlyn is a singer/songwriter who spends whatever time she can find exploring one creative outlet or another.

cait1 coryn1

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