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Interview with Megan Breukelman & Olivia Bossert – Co-Creators of Atlas Magazine

Megan Breukelman is a creative professional from Ontario, Canada and based in New York City. She is currently spearheading Atlas Magazine’s creation, and working professionally in production. Olivia Bossert is a Swiss-born creative and co-founder of Atlas Magazine. Living in the Southern tip of the UK, she is pursuing a career in fashion and commercial photography.


Tell us about Atlas Magazine and how you got the idea to start it.

Megan: Honestly, sometimes it feels like we woke up one day and decided to start a magazine–– so we did.

Olivia: In the summer of 2012, two girls met over Facebook and bonded over a love of fashion publications. It was a summer project for ourselves, and before we knew it, Atlas was born!


Atlas Magazine was a print magazine at one time, but you are currently working in digital format. What benefits have you seen in both mediums? Is there a medium you prefer?

Megan: Atlas was actually originally a digital publication. Olivia spearheaded our move to print, which gave us the unbelievable opportunity to see physical copies of the magazine for over a year. While we put out print issues, we continued to release “Mini Atlas”, which was a series of smaller digital issues, and continued to host exclusive web content–– so the return to full digital issues wasn’t a hard transition.

Olivia: Print is beautiful, and we absolutely loved everything about it. There’s no better feeling than holding a beautifully bound magazine in your hands. As artists ourselves, we knew how wonderful it felt to hold your work in print, so we wanted to offer that to the creatives we featured within the magazine. However, the world is changing, and digital is becoming more and more prominent. We wanted to be able to continue to share the work of the creatives we love, and digital is absolutely the way to do that.

ATLAS 1 10.13.24 PM

What challenges have you faced in creating a publication and how did you overcome those challenges?

Megan: Figuring out visual branding is one of the biggest hurdles with creating a publication. Although the design may look simplistic, it’s hours of play. Running a submissions-based magazine, there is also the nerve-racking thought of “what if we don’t get what we’re looking for in time?” These kind of challenges with the creation of Atlas can only really be overcome with patience, time, and hard work. However, if you love what you’re doing, these are challenges worth facing.


Describe the process of developing an issue of Atlas Magazine.

Megan: We keep our submissions open for two months and will produce some content on our own, and then spend one month designing the magazine in time for the release date on the 1st of each quarter. Each issue is released at the top of March, June, September, and December. During all of this, the web presence of Atlas is still running at full speed to keep our audience engaged at all times and ready for when the next issue releases.

How do you feel about collaboration? What have you learned from working with other creative individuals?

Olivia: Atlas would be nothing without our contributors. We provide a platform, and they provide the work. We all work together to create Atlas.

Lindsay Adler

Describe your individual fashion styles and preferences.

Megan: Comfortable! I live in New York which is a lot of walking–– in the summer, a lot of sweating and the winter, a lot of freezing. I like less-than-flattering pants, long skirts and cropped shirts. The higher the waist, the better in my books.

Olivia: I can’t say I’m terribly fashionable. I live in the countryside, so we don’t “dress to impress” a whole lot, its more focused on lifestyle. That being said, I love pale pastels, and neutrals. In winter, I’m very much a “sweater and jeans” kind of girl, but in the summer, the more bohemian side of me comes out. If I lived in a hot country, I definitely would be that girl walking around on the beach barefoot with a long patterned dress on!

Natassja Thompson

Where do you find your inspiration for articles?

Megan: Sitting on the subway, walking down the street, lying in bed –– it’ll just pop into my head and either I’ll write about it or one of our collaborators will write about it.

How to you feel about fashion and style being an expression of who we are as individuals?

Olivia: I think fashion has a huge amount to do with self expression. I’m quiet, introverted, and not very outgoing, and I think that shows in the way I dress. I don’t like to be the centre of attention, so I stick to simple outfits, most of the time. You can tell when someone is more outgoing, because of their outfits they choose.

Shannon Soule

Who are some female fashion designers that you admire?

Megan: Samantha Pleet, who Atlas just did a collaboration with to donate to Planned Parenthood–– her stuff is very vintage inspired. I also like Jordan de Ruiter, a Canadian designer of all things adorable.

Olivia: I’m slightly in love with everything that Clare Waight Keller produces.

What brands are you currently loving?

Megan: I think Frank & Oak is just the coolest, they are super chic and good quality.

Olivia: I’m so boring, but I always go back to Valentino. It’s just so romantic and stunning. Dolce and Gabbana will also be a constant favourite.



What do you love most about being creative women?

Megan: Being able to work on a platform to share the talents of so many other creative individuals.

Olivia: Everything! Creativity is my life, its what I’m always drawn back to. I can’t imagine my life being any other way.


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