Tips & Ideas

Creative Women Supporting Creative Women


“Women who support other women are confident, generous, visionaries.”

– Mariela Dabbah

When we help build up and support one another we create a strong community of creatives. Below are five simple tips for supporting the creative women in your life:

1 – Help promote their work

Did you friend just open an online shop? Will their work be featured in a local gallery? Share a post about it on social media.  Help connect your friends with each other.

2 – Write them an encouraging letter

It’s easy to get discouraged in the creative world.  Whether your friend is discouraged or not, write a letter telling her what you admire about her and provide encouragement and let her know that you’re there to support her during her ups and downs.

3 – Take them out to lunch

Treat her to lunch and let her talk about her creative endeavors.  Offer your support!

4 – Share your favorite inspiring book with them

What’s an inspiring book that you’ve loved lately?  Take it to your friend and tell her about how the book inspired you and that you feel it could be inspiring to her as well. 

5 – Offer service

Does your creative friend have children?  Do they have a lot of tasks that may be keeping them from having an afternoon to focus entirely on a creative pursuit? Offer to babysit or help them with some errands and invite them to spend the afternoon as they wish.

How can you better support the creative ladies you know and love this week?  Make a goal to try one of these suggestions and feel free to report back in the comments section on how it went!  Feel free to add additional suggestions below as well.



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