Being a Positive Citizen of the World

Look for opportunities to share light – Picture by Caitlyn Cope for HER IDEA

There are so many changes in the world – both for good and for bad.  Our reaction to those changes are key. We can either choose to let the negativity overwhelm us or we can be determined to be a force for good.  By being a force for good we can make differences in our communities and throughout the world.  Below are four simple and accessible ways to be a positive citizen of the world:

1 – Look for opportunities each day to serve

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” ― Charlotte Brontë

Throughout your day, find moments to serve those around you.  These moments of service can be as simple as wishing someone a good morning or holding a door open for someone behind you.  Don’t let a moment to do good slip away from you!  If you have more time to share, look for weekly opportunities in your local community to serve.

2 – Share joy on social media

Instead of sharing the latest political conundrum, find a moment to share something that brought you joy in the day.  Share a beautiful image or a happy quote on social media as a way to spread joy.

3 – Compliment those around you

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
― Mother Teresa

Sincerely compliment people around you.  Tell a co-worker that you really admire their work ethic, tell a friend that you admire her parenting skills, or call up a family member and tell them them how much you enjoyed their latest creative project. The opportunities are endless – but look for those opportunities and make the most of them.

4 – Treat the earth with care

Finished reading the latest issue of your favorite magazine?  Perhaps consider giving it to a friend to read.  Have lots of junk mail you plan to discard?  Take the extra step to make sure you recycle it.  Live within walking or biking distance to your work?  Consider leaving your car behind a few days a week and walking or cycling to the office. If you have the space in your yard, consider making your own mini garden. Make a goal this year to be a better steward to the earth.

What would you add to the list?  Comment below with how you would like to be a more positive citizen of the world.



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