Write Yourself a Letter for 2017


It is almost the time to ring in a new year!  We have a challenge to help get your ducks in a row and help you set goals in a unique way: WRITING A LETTER TO YOURSELF!

Here are some guidelines for your letter (but you are free adjust as you’d like):

1 – The letter should be written before January 1st

Have the letter folded and sealed before 11:59 PM on December 31st.

2 – The letter should include things you wish to accomplish in 2017

  • Write down specific creative goals
    • What do you want to start or complete this year?
  • Write down healthy living goals
    • What do you want to incorporate into your life?
    • What do you need to take out?
  • Write down personal goals
    • What are some things you want to work on this year for self-improvement?
  • Write about your favorite things from 2016
    • Favorite things you accomplished
    • New friends you made
    • Adventures you took
    • Etc.

3 – Seal your letter and store it until December 31, 2017

Put the letter in a special place and don’t open it until the end of 2017.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any additional ideas that you plan to put in your own letter!


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