Spotlights & Interviews

Interview with Photographer Sandra Socha

About Sandra:

My name is Sandra, I live in Germany in Frankfurt. I studied art history, science of art and German philology in Kassel and Berlin.  I’m a art-historian and freelance photographer, specializing in portraits and weddings. I have a lovely boyfriend, he is my soulmate. I’m a green tea adorer. I love the nature, books, flea markets, eucalyptus, flowers, macrames, maxi dresses,my family and yoga, I like the new-bohemian lifestyle, which is rooted in freedom: free-spirited, free-form , and free of rules. I love to visit exhibitions in Europe.

Describe your photography style.

Harmonic – honest – delicate

I love authentic photographs and real emotions!

What are your favorite things to photograph?

Preferably I photograph portraits and couples. I love to photograph inspired and / or strong women. I think every woman is beautiful and have something something special, and want to show this in my work.


Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Annie Leibowitz is a great photographer and a really strong women. I love her project WOMEN: New portraits, where she photographs powerful women

Where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration in mother nature, in art (exhibitions), and in magazines.

What are some of your favorite photography tips you could provide to our readers?

Photograph whatever you want, hear of your heart and your spirit, photograph what you love. I think the technique of photography is not so important like your eyes and our spirit.

One good tip is to experiment with the technique, use uncommon perspective and practise, practise, practise!

Be authentic – be yourself and love yourself!!

I really like these two quotations:

“One eye looks through the lense and the other, the closed one, looks in your own soul.” -Henri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer

“The eye visualize the photo not the camera.” – Gisèle Freund, photographer


Other than photography, what are some of your favorite creative activities?

I love to decorate my home and to curate my wall with photographs of famous photographers.


Who are some creative women you admire?

I admire Annie Leibowitz, she is such a powerful, creative personality. Lee Miller, she was muse / model of Man Ray and a great photographer. Yva, photographer in 20s and 30s, especially fashion photography in magazines. There a lot more..

What do you love most about being a creative woman?

The best thing is to be myself, I love my work and transport it in my photographs. Life is art, an aesthetic experience, a connectedness. My photographs are a reflection of that.

I follow my mind and spirit.

Visit Sandra’s photography website to see more of her beautiful images.


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