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Interview with Francesca Ricci of Lott and Hudson

About Francesca:

Francesca Ricci has worked in the entertainment industry for over six years. After moving to Los Angeles, to find work in the music industry, her first job in entertainment was with a fashion designer who had a show on MTV. Francesca worked various fashion shows, dressed models, and networked like crazy. Eventually, she got a job in music but fashion continued to stay in her heart.

Over the years, people in the music industry began giving their brand new, unwanted designer clothing to her. Needless to say, opening her own resale business (Lott and Hudson) a couple of years later was the natural next step when she was ready for something new. This became the perfect way to experiment with her love for styling and maximize the resources she’d been given. Currently, she hunts for treasures all over Los Angeles and receives consignment items from clients.

Since childhood, Francesca loved expressing herself through clothing and looked up to Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, while devouring every fashion magazine she could. Her mother had impeccable taste too and taught her the art of dressing for your body type, the importance of buying timeless pieces and having a classy demeanor to match.

Fun facts: Her and her husband, Matt, are obsessed with corgis and live in Switzerland half of the year. She loves to read and reliably cries during most touching movies and commercials.


Tell us a little bit about Lott & Hudson.

Lott and Hudson is a women’s clothing resale company, opened in March of this year. We hunt for classy, modern pre-loved clothes in Los Angeles and Europe then sell them on Instagram (we also consign items). Our website recently opened too!

Lott and Hudson is a place where women can find classy, modern items as well as feel uplifted and supported on our blog, Bloom Daily.

After visiting London on my honeymoon, I felt inspired and drawn to the sophistication and energy of the city. So when it came time to create the shop I wanted the name and products to embody the emotion I felt. A lot of women feel beholden to what the world says they should be but really it’s a lie. We are meant to be classy, strong, unique, beautiful women and there’s not one image or size that embodies these qualities. Class and strength start from our thoughts. Our state of being. I strongly believe clothing helps us to display the beauty and strength we have within.


How do you plan and execute your goals?

Oh boy this is a tough one! It’s easy to snowball down the path of “to dos” and feel overwhelmed when it comes to goals. Most important, for me, is forming a crystal clear picture of how Lott and Hudson can evolve as a brand. How we can impact/ support our customers. After I have a clear picture, the next steps just fall into place. Then I get to work!

Google maps or Waze can’t give you step by step directions without a final destination. You can’t walk in a straight line in the middle of the forest without focusing on one point.

You can’t be effective, in business or life, if you don’t have a vision to look to. Otherwise you’re aimless.

I try not to tie myself down, either, with exact minute details. Part of being creative is allowing flexibility to some degree. During the executing process, I’ll constantly read articles and books on business and allow them to help me adjust as I go.

What has been the most rewarding experience so far since opening your shop?

Developing relationships with such amazing women! Our customers come from all walks of life and in those moments where we chat or they share a part of their life story it really makes what we do worth it. One woman had been going through a very public trial involving her family and needed outfits for a documentary being made about them. Another woman was a girl boss at her job and needed clothing to reflect the authority she held. Helping women feel and look great is what keeps us going.

How do you find inspiration in your daily life?

By allowing myself to be still and connected to myself and the world around me. Every morning I read scriptures, a book, and write in my journal. I try to be open to ideas and people around me. Inspiration comes when you’re open, calm, and willing. There have been days when I’m on my phone constantly and anxiously trying to get things done (aka living in speed mode). Inspiration definitely doesn’t come knocking in those moments. I’ve had to teach myself that rushing (being uber busy) doesn’t mean success. It’s actually in pacing and really being present the greatest ideas come to me.

Do you have any fashion or style icons? If so, who are they and why do you admire them?

Yes! I love Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Iris Apfel and Edith Head.

Coco Chanel wore pant suits when women only wore corsets and gowns. Her goal was to pave her own path in fashion. She revolutionized the industry and had impeccable taste (my favorite being the iconic Chanel blazer).

Edith Head is a legendary costume designer who created the outfits in various movies starring Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, and more. I love how elegant, classy and sexy her designs were. The women she dressed looked absolutely stunning, unique and strong.

Grace Kelly held herself so elegantly and no matter what she wore she owned it. The outfits didn’t own her (and yes there’s a difference!). In Rear Window, when she comes into her lover’s room and turns on the lights, not only is her outfit stunning but so is she. It’s the ultimate example of classy, elegant seduction.

Iris Apfel is amazing. Her presence captures you immediately. Her outfits are loud and decadent but she pulls it off because of her personality. Her style is uniquely her own so no one can touch her. She could wear anything and make it look amazing! Please look her up. Seriously. Do it.


What items should every woman have in her closet?

A good handbag, high end pair of jeans, pumps, and a blazer. Oh and a black dress.

Do you have some favorite styling tips you’d be willing to share with our readers?

Wear what works for your body type. Numbers don’t matter! I’ve seen women who are 5’10”, a size 12, in tight clothes and they look more amazing than someone who’s a size 0. How good you look depends on how well your clothes fit and the confidence you have. Also, trends don’t work for everyone and that’s ok. Find your own classic style (or uniform rather) and rock it. One more: when I’m in a rush, throwing on dark skinnies, a good tee, and flats is always a good choice. Simple is always better.

What are some of your favorite creative interests?

Some of my favorite creative interests are definitely writing, taking photos, reading, making graphics for our blog, and writing our copywriting.

What do you love most about being a creative woman?

The freedom and joy I feel. There’s a reason we’re drawn to expressing ourselves through the act of creating. To embrace our creative spirit is the best feeling in the world.



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