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5 Books to Add to Your Coffee Table


Okay, so I don’t have a coffee table – instead I have a cute storage bench that sits against the wall and I stack some of my favorite current reads on top. It’s always nice for guests to have easy access to a few books while they’re sitting on your sofa.  Here are some of our favorites that we recommend adding to your coffee table (or storage bench):

1 – Well-Read Women

Samantha Hahn’s beautiful illustrations and perfectly chosen female literary characters make this book a perfect addition to any collection.

2 – All in Good Taste

The perfect guide for throwing a classy party.  This gorgeous book is filled with recipes (delicious sponge cake, for example), table setting ideas, floral arrangements suggestions, and party etiquette.

3 – The Inspired Room

“Your home should be a sanctuary, not a showplace!” – Melissa Michaels (Author of The Inspired Room)

The goal of Melissa Michaels’ book provides doable updates for your home to make it your own special place.  The goal of her book is to make things attainable and affordable.  Not only is the book filled with helpful inspiration, it’s also a beautiful book to look through, making it a beautiful additional to any coffee table.

4 – In the Company of Women

The book features interviews, advice, and motivation from creative female entrepreneurs. You will be inspired reading the words of these women and you will find the desire and motivation to create.

5 – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Why not inspire your guests while they’re sitting on your sofa?  This book is filled with creative motivation to help get your excited about living a creative life.

What are some of your favorite books on your coffee table? Share your favorites below.

**This is not a sponsored post – these are our own opinions**


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