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Tips to Improve Creativity

We all have those times when we feel creatively stuck in a rut. One moment it seems we could conquer the world with our magic but then we hit a wall and it’s as if we have nothing left to offer. It can be really frustrating to keep trying to use our gifts when it seems like the well of inspiration has run dry. Here are some tips to refuel your creativity and help get you back on track to making beautiful things.


Get connected and surround yourself with people who inspire your passions. If this is something that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you, then all the more reason to do it! The more you collaborate with other creatives, the more you will be able to stretch your talents and continue to grow.

Free Write Daily

This can be anything. Write in verse or just allow yourself to free flow whatever thoughts spill out on the page. This is a great resource to refer back to when creating something. You’ll have plenty of ideas stored up just waiting to be made into something.



This doesn’t have to be somewhere grand or even very far away. Sometimes we get so stuck in our day to day that we don’t take the time to step out and see what’s around us. If you have the schedule and paycheck that allows you to travel more broadly, by all means, do it! Unfortunately for many of us, that’s not our reality. But that shouldn’t stop us from exploring somewhere new. Take a day out of your weekend to venture to a nearby town. Walk around and discover what makes this new place special. Your creativity will thank you as it will be filled with new insights and inspirations.

Be Thankful

It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle of pursuing a creative career or hobby. Sometimes we find ourselves getting frustrated because we don’t feel good enough or feel like our inspiration has run out. But in these moments, we need to take the time to be grateful for the gifts we’ve been blessed with in the first place and remember where they come from. If we don’t send our love and appreciation out into the universe, it’s not going to be as willing to reward us later on.

Carry a Small Notebook Around with You

Using the notepad in your phone works just as well, but there’s something more fulfilling to me about actually writing ideas down on paper. Whenever inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready to document it so it won’t be forgotten when you need it later on.


Immerse Yourself in an Unfamiliar Art Form

If you are writer, spend a day attending an art museum or taking a painting class. If you are a dancer, sign up for a guitar lesson or attend a poetry reading. Stepping outside of the areas we are most comfortable in and experiencing the beauty of other creative mediums can really help inspire us in ways we wouldn’t expect. Who knows, attending a friend’s photography exhibit might just spark an idea for a hit song.

Turn off the TV

While at times, watching TV shows can help inspire different creative projects, in a lot of cases its just a time waster and distractor. I often experience a dulling of creativity when I constantly have Netflix playing in the background, regardless of what I’m doing. I’m sure there have been many occasions where I could have been receptive of an incoming idea, but wasn’t able to hear it because I was distracted by the television. We need to show our creative self that we are serious about creating by allowing those moments of silence and contemplation.

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

Giving yourself the time to be silly and explore little hobbies and guilty pleasures is absolutely essential to creating. If we are constant work and business all the time, we will miss those golden opportunities to really unleash something great. Indulge in a solo dance party or break those crayons out of storage and fill up a coloring book.




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