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DIY – Ripped Jeans


I have a pair of $2.00 jeans that I bought years ago from Goodwill and I added some holes to the knees. To this day, I get more compliments on those pants than most of my other clothes. A lot of stores sell pre-ripped pants for a hefty price, but why spend all that money when you can just do it yourself?

*What you’ll need:

Pair of pants

Pumice stone or sandpaper

Razor blade or sharp scissors



Pencil/pen or chalk


First, you’ll want to put on your jeans and mark the areas that you want ripped with your pencil/pen or chalk. This will help you know exactly where the holes will be when you’re wearing them.

Next, you’ll put your cardboard piece inside the pant leg, right underneath the area you’ll be ripping. This will protect the back of your jeans so the holes don’t go all the way through.

Now take your pumice stone or sandpaper and start rubbing the jeans. Do this until the fabric starts to wear down.

Once the fabric gets pretty thin, you can take your razor blade or scissors and use the sides (not the tip) to wear it down even further.

From here, take your tweezers and carefully pick out the colored part of the denim so that the white frayed part shows more fully. If your pants are really stubborn, or you want more of a hole, you can take the razor blade tip and slice straight across the area. Just make sure to fray out the edges with your fingers or tweezers so it looks more natural.

After all of that, throw your pants in the washer and dryer to get that extra frayed final look and you’re all set!


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