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Lauren of Six Foot Style


About Lauren:

I’m Lauren, the 6’1” career-focused woman and blogger behind Six Foot Style. By day, I am a Vice President of Marketing for a commercial real estate firm in New York. And I moonlight as the style and fashion blogger behind Six Foot Style, a workwear-inspired collection of clothing, tips, trends and ideas about how to look your best in the office.

I launched Six Foot Style in February hoping to create a website, and social media pages where girl bosses everywhere could unite and find outfit inspiration for the work wear. I believe in the power of  a professional appearance at the office, and that your work ensembles can directly impact your confidence, stature, attitude and performance at your job. Attire has the power to convey a message about the type of person you are, the type of job you want, your level of professionalism, and even how you want people to treat you.

In my free time, I am an avid volleyball player (a volleyball scholarship is what brought me to New York from Colorado). I volunteer with Girls Inc. and also as a Wish Granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro NY. And there’s my recent foray into learning the Italian language (molto difficile). I am also married, and have hopes to get a puppy soon (hint, hint husband).

Tell us about your style blog, Six Foot Style.

Six Foot Style was launched earlier this year, as a place for working women to find outfit inspiration, read about tips and tricks for their workwear, source information about styles or trends, and more. After spending the last 8 years in the business world, I have seen so many working women that are eager to climb the corporate ladder, but are unsure of how to look the part. What’s more, I’ve met career-driven women that are unaware of the importance that their personal appearance plays in the workplace, or their professional development. Trust me, it means more than you would think.

At each phase of my career thus far, I have continuously searched for chic, elegant, timeless and sophisticated office styles for women. Outfits that make you feel amazing and powerful. Styles that create an image of professionalism and competence, but maintain a sense of individualism and allow women to express their unique personalities. Six Foot Style is the outlet that I use to showcase these styles.

six foot style 1

When did you first become interested in fashion?

I have always been incredibly discerning when it comes to my sense of style and clothing choices. And being a taller woman (6’1” without heels) has often limited my options when shopping. While fashion has always been an interest of mine, I started to pay more attention to my workwear when I took a job in commercial real estate. This industry is incredibly male-dominated, tough, and I quickly learned that my attire needed to change if I wanted to be taken seriously and succeed.

After maxing out a credit card, I had a whole new work wardrobe and immediately felt more confident at work, and at industry events. Two promotions later, my style has continued to evolve and change as I have advanced in my career. I have truly enjoyed sharing this fashion journey on the blog with everyone following along.

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

Coco Chanel said that “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” and I have always believed these words. Trends will fade, and your personal style will change throughout time, but simplicity is timeless. Simplicity is elegant without pretending, and without trying too hard. Curate a wardrobe filled with simple, timeless pieces and you’ll always be elegantly chic.  


You work in a professional setting 40+ hours a week.  What are some key wardrobe pieces you would recommend for women working in a similar setting?

Over the last few years, there are a few staple pieces that I gravitate towards again and again in my work wardrobe.

  1. A classic sheath dress – I wear a sheath dress almost every day to work. They’re incredibly versatile … add a blazer for a presentation, tights and booties for the colder months, a statement necklace for cocktails after work with coworkers, and so on. A sheath dress has always made me feel sophisticated + professional, and they’re a quick grab for those mornings when you don’t feel like thinking about mixing and matching wardrobe pieces.
  2. A power suit – You need at least one suit that makes you feel like a million dollars for those days when you’re facing a presentation, board meeting, interview, lunch with a boss, etc. Something that makes you feel great, and a suit that exudes confidence, seriousness, and class. I have a navy tweed suit with black leather detailing from Ann Taylor that I wear for these instances.
  3. A khaki-colored trench coat – There’s the obvious practical use that comes with owning a trench coat (commute + rain = no bueno), but a classic trench coat will never go out of style. It’s perfect for spring days when there’s still a chill in the air, or fall mornings before you’re ready to break out your winter coats. And definitely a removable hood … because there are times when you’re going to thank your lucky stars you have it. 
Work Wardrobe #2 - Power Suit
Power Suit

How do you express your personality through fashion and style?    

As someone who is super selective when it comes to my wardrobe and personal appearance, I have made a conscious effort over the last few years to slow down and spend time sorting through different retailers and stores before making a purchase. Especially today, we all live in a culture that bombards us with incentives to buy, and to accumulate more and more. But investing the time to carefully chose and curate items for my wardrobe that reflect how I see myself, has allowed me to cultivate and express my personal sense of style in my clothing.

In my career, I want to appear confident, professional, responsible and competent … so I almost exclusively chose classic and sophisticated pieces for my work wardrobe which convey that image. Items that I am drawn to. Pieces that are a reflection of the person I am and want to appear as. In my personal life, I still gravitate towards staple investment pieces rather than trendier items.


Tell us a little bit about the 30 Wears movement.

Livia Firth coined the concept in 2015 when she publicly spoke about fast-fashion, throwaway fashion, and how consumers purchase clothing largely based on impulse. Today, many women don’t care about what they buy. They simply purchase and discard.

There are huge environmental implications in this behavior, not to mention labor issues and the depletion of countless resources. So, Livia challenged consumers to slow down and question whether they’ll wear an article of clothing 30 times before handing over their credit cards. If they can answer yes, then buy it. If not, put it back on the rack. She spoke about the era before fast-fashion when she would save to buy a coat, or a larger ticket item. In doing that, she created a memory with that piece of clothing, and many of those pieces are still in her wardrobe today.

Several of my fellow tall fashion bloggers are making a conscious effort to source and wear more environmentally-conscious clothing this summer, and I wanted to be a part of the movement. Too often, I was finding myself purchasing clothing because it was on sale, and rationalizing ill-fitting pieces, garments that I could see were poorly made, and ultimately letting myself wear an item once before throwing it in the donation bin.

I have been taking part in the 30 Wears movement, and really enjoying it. I’ve discovered many new retailers, and have a much deeper appreciation for the pieces in my closet now.

Thirty Wears
30 Wears – A dress that Lauren has worn 30+ times.

What are some fashion trends you’re looking forward to wearing this fall?

There are four fall trends that I am looking forward to experimenting with and finding ways to create work-appropriate styles from:

  1. Schoolgirl Jumpers – A go-to combo on the runway, there are numerous of ways to mix and match a houndstooth, gingham, plaid or tartan sheath dress/jumper with a classically colored oxford shirt, or billowing blouse for the chillier temps ahead. I love this trend because it gives me an excuse to continue to wear some of my sleeveless sheath dresses, but reproposed to create that jumper look.
  2. Gray Plaid – Runways were littered with chic gray plaid in the form of unexpected cuts and silhouettes, and I am watching more and more designers unveil their fall and winter lines with lots of gray plaid. I recently featured a dress from Worth New York on the blog that is incredibly on-trend for the season, warm, stylish and sophisticated. I look forward to wearing that dress again and again this fall.
  3. Menswear – Menswear is having a moment this fall … boxy cuts, boyish styles and almost androgynous looks are everywhere. For the workplace, as temperatures outside drop, I’m digging suit sets, tuxedo shirts, even men’s ties for fall.
  4. Capes – I adore the idea of replacing a harsh winter coat with a cape, or incorporating a blazer with a cape cut into your work wardrobe. 
Fall Trends #2 - Gray Plaid
Gray Plaid

What are some of your other creative interests outside of fashion?

Outside of blogging and my professional life, I am a traveler, volunteer and sports enthusiast. I played volleyball in college, and still play weekly with several of my old teammates. I also volunteer with Girls Inc., and I have been a wish granter with the Make-A-Wish foundation for many years now. And traveling is where my heart is. My husband and I are visiting Italy for the first time this fall, and we recently returned from road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. All of these interests inspire my creativity in many different ways.

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences in your life to this point?

I moved to New York when I was 18, with a few hundred dollars, 2 suitcases of clothing and a desire to create an incredible life for myself. I didn’t know a soul here, and my closest family member was 1,500 miles away. There have been incredibly tough, lonely and trying moments since that day, but through it all, I have always been able to survive because of my work ethic. Today I have a job that I love, a husband that is the most incredible person I’ve ever met, friends that have become my family (along with my husband’s wonderfully large family), and every day is truly rewarding for me. The experience and the journey that I’ve gone through over the last 12 years has left me with a very rewarding life that I love.


What do you love most about being a creative woman?

Allowing myself to be creative often puts me outside of my comfort zone. I am naturally more of an “inside the lines” person, but I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to be creative and express myself. I have to often push myself to be more open-minded and to generate ideas that fall beyond my normal line of thinking. Staying curious, and embracing spontaneity is also intimidating for me (I think partially because I’m a virgo). But by doing this, I am learning perseverance which translates to so many other aspects of my life. And I am finding that when I do step outside of my comfort zone and become more creative, I am able to bring new ideas to the table in my professional life.



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