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Summer Swim Style & Tips

We are smack dab in the middle of the hot Summer and if you haven’t yet indulged in the beauty that is swimming and being at the pool or beach, I suggest you get to it! I rounded up a couple of friends to help get you inspired with your summer pool wardrobe and adventures!



IMG_7858.jpg{L to R: Whitney, Caitlyn, Shannon}

What is your favorite creative hobby & why?

Whitney – I love to go to events that require you to dress up or wear a costume. I feel like a time traveler getting to explore a new world. When the surroundings and the people are all in sync, it’s an amazing explosion of creative experience. It’s very unique and very different from your everyday. The people watching at things like that are out of this world.

Caitlyn – I’m a musician, so writing songs is a big one for me. I love being able to express what I’m feeling through song. I also enjoy DIY projects, even if they don’t always turn out so great haha.

Shannon – My favorite “creative” hobby is anything sports.  Mainly basketball.  I love watching sports, talking sports, playing sports.  Especially when it comes to my favorite player and team I can talk about them/debate for days!







Favorite brand/place to buy swimsuits?

Whitney – The Internet! Haha. Where else could I find shiny gold or blue velvet suits in vintage styles? And I’m so happy that high waisted suits are making a come back! The 3 suits I wore in the shoot came from Vintage Suits By Mary (gold), Unique Vintage (high waisted polka dot), and Esther Williams (blue velvet).

Caitlyn – I’m always on the lookout for cute, cheap swimsuits. I have too many to count! I’ve bought a bunch of really cute ones for super cheap on EBay that usually ship from China (the “dope” swimsuit I’m wearing was only $3!). This can be a gamble though because sometimes they come and aren’t very wearable/good quality, but I’ve had more good experiences than bad. Forever 21 also has some really cute suits.

Shannon – I have swimsuits from everywhere!  I buy swimsuits mainly online, I try to find the cheap good finds which is why I probably have so many!  Lately I really like the suits from ASOS and Target.





What is your favorite Summer activity?

Whitney – I love the sense of freedom and flexibility that summer gives. Being outside on adventures is my favorite, day or night! Whether it’s mountainous terrain, traveling to new towns/cities, or exploring watery depths, I want to be out in the world!

Caitlyn – I love love love being outdoors. Going to the beach, swimming at a pool, early morning hikes, bike rides, summer night campfires…

Shannon – My favorite summer activity would include doing anything outdoors in the sun!  I am inside working in an office all day long so when its nice out I like to take advantage of it!  That means going to the beach, swimming at a friends pool, playing sports outside, or going on hikes!  Basically anything that helps me attempt to get tan. Haha





What’s your go-to Summer makeup routine?

Whitney – Sunscreen, eyeliner, more sunscreen, minty lip balm, even more sunscreen.

Caitlyn – Unless I’m getting more dressed up for something, I like to keep it simple. My signature look lately has been a quick, low-key cat eye, with a little blush & bronzer.

Shannon – I normally don’t wear too much makeup as it is, but especially in the summer time I notice that my skin is naturally a lot better so I try to just let the sun clear my skin up.  But I always touch up with a little base liquid foundation and I gotta have my mascara.  You will never find me without mascara on!




What is your favorite thing about being a creative woman?

Whitney – I do what I want! My creativity is all my own and it doesn’t have to answer to others. When it’s me on my own terms it’s the best because it brings me the most absolute joy. When you create for yourself you feel alive.

Caitlyn – I love that it allows me to have so many interesting opportunities in my life. There’s not just one expected path for women to take anymore & I love the freedom that offers. I find such joy in the things I pursue and try and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shannon – My favorite thing about being a creative woman is challenging myself.  I normally don’t think of myself as naturally creative so its a work in progress.  But I enjoy trying new things, challenging myself, and finding out new things I didn’t know I was good at or even could do!




*Photos by Jeremy Harris


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