5 Items We Want This Summer


1 – Huarache Sandals

I’m eyeing this pair in cognac (also, they’re on sale!!). They would go perfectly with a pear of denim shorts or a white or cream dress.

2 – Oversized Straw Hat

Wear one of these cuties to the beach to provide added protection from the sun and to look incredibly chic!

3 – More (clean) water, please!

Have you heard of this Kickstarter that’s going on right now?  This would be so perfect to have camping.

4 – Cookbooks, cookbooks, cookbooks!

For all the parties and picnics you’ll be hosting or attending, you’ll need to get some inspiration to make some delicious dishes.  This book provides some healthy ideas and this one is accompanied by the author’s memoirs.

5 – A bright colored swimsuit

I love this one in lilac and this one in red!

What items do you want this summer? Share your thoughts in our comments.

*This is not a sponsored post – these are our own opinions



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