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Kortni Jeane – Swimsuit Designer

Kortni Jeane is a swimsuit designer who grew up in Provo, UT and graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles. As a swimsuit designer, Kortni wanted to create a swimmer that every person, no matter their body type, feels comfortable and confident in. Established in 2014, Kortni launched Kortni Jeane in hopes of bringing you swimmers that represent your personality without having to pay for a custom suit. We are here to help you create a suit that is unique to you and your personality. No worries about matching your buddies at the pool party, out on the lake, or wherever your suit takes you. With unlimited options to mix n’ match, you can create a suit that is perfect for you and your body type!  So go ahead, get lost in the fun of creating the swimmer of your dreams!


Your swimsuits have such a cute and unique style – what inspired those designs?

I feel like this is one of the hardest questions I commonly get asked. I don’t feel like there is anything profound that inspires me but more of just the day to day life. I love seeing buildings and textures and people’s behaviors and body types and I am constantly thinking of style designs and pattern designs and colors that I want to put into my swimwear.

When did you start creating your own swimsuits?

My senior year of high school (2010) I took a swimsuit sewing class and hated it but loved that I had a unique swimsuit apart from everyone else. Everyone else seemed to love it as well because all my sisters and friends asked m e to make them one then before you know it I had strangers showing up at my parents door asking for swimsuits.

I custom made swimsuits through college for extra cash but never thought it would be my life. Then after I graduated with lots of job opportunities I turned everything down upon encouragement from friends and family to start a business and manufacture my swimwear.



What are some successful business strategies that you’ve discovered in your career so far?

Its all about Instagram. That’s all I used for marketing and advertising when starting my company and its made me grow tremendously. Without it I don’t think I would have grown as fast or been able to create such a strong and loyal customer base.

Did you ever face a lot of discouragement when you got started? How did you overcome that?

There is so much that goes into starting a business. More than people ever think or know. So it’s hard even to just get things rolling and going from the get go. But probably one of the most discouraging parts of running a fashion line is that nothing is protected so its easy for others to just copy your designs and throw their label on it. When I see others duplicating what I do I just have to remind myself that copying is the highest form of flattery! I love and encourage others to follow their dreams and do what they love but be creative and make it your own.


What have been some of the greatest joys since starting?

Seeing people I don’t even know wearing my swimsuits! It is so surreal knowing that what I do and make allows others to feel comfortable and confident. I have customers who haven’t put on a swimsuit in years feeling great in one of mine and that to me is worth all the sleepless nights and stress that comes from being an entrepreneur.

Do you have a motto that you live by?

Not every day is great but the good ones are so good it makes you forget the bad. And in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

What are some of your favorite movies, books and music?

Oh gosh. I am a music killer. When I fall in love with a song I play it on repeat till nobody can stand it any longer and then I play it some more. Right now I am all about the Selection Series books, if you haven’t read them they are so intriguing, yet easy reads ( I am all about them easy reads). I am a Disney lover through and through. All the classic Disney films are the top of my list and go to’s every time.

Who would you say is your greatest influence?

I don’t know which way to go with this question but if it wasn’t for my wonderful husband who allowed me to pour our life savings into this business and believing in me and my wonderful parents for always encouraging me that I can do anything I can dream of this really wouldn’t be a reality today.

What advice would you give to women hoping to start their own creative business?

Never give up. It takes time and a LOT of it to accomplish what you want to. So keep pushing forward, don’t get discouraged and surround yourself with smart people! I love talking and meeting with other small business owners to learn and grow from one another. Make those connections and keep them strong. Love what you do or it wont be worth it. And try hard to create balance. Work hard at your job but play just as hard!

What do you enjoy most about being a creative woman?

That I empower other women to be creative as well. One of my main goals as this company is to create confidence and ambition in others {women}. I not only want to make and sell swimsuits which I love but I want to create a community where women can be themselves, love themselves and share it with others.


Check out Kortni’s darling swimsuits over at & pick one up for yourself!


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