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Big Magic

“I’d experienced these symptoms before, so I knew immediately what was going on. Such an intense emotional and physiological reaction doesn’t strike me often, but it happens enough (and is consistent enough with symptoms reported by people all over the world, all throughout history) that I believe I can confidently call it by its name: inspiration. This is what it feels like when an idea comes to you.” – Elizabeth Gilbert


In one of our previous posts, depicting the overview of “The Artist’s Way,” you’ll find I am quite the cheerleader for creative “self-help” types of books. “Big Magic” is no exception. Elizabeth Gilbert (the author who also wrote the wildly successful “Eat, Pray, Love”) so beautifully dictates her thoughts on creative inspiration as well as choosing to befriend fear, rather than abolish it.

She speaks of ideas as if they have feelings and intentions; as if they are constantly searching for the people who will bring them to light. If we don’t give those special moments of inspiration the proper care and attention that they’re seeking, they may choose to find someone else to carry out their purpose. She describes moments in her life when this very thing happened to her and I know I’ve had it happen to me as well.

She also speaks of how to handle fear in regards to creative endeavors. She puts it in a way that if we make a deal with fear, and allow it to accompany us on all our adventures, it will more likely leave us be. As long as we make sure to let fear know that it will have no control whatsoever during our journey, we can bring it along for the ride.

She makes sure to outline what success truly is and that it doesn’t necessarily always mean fame or riches. If our creative pursuits are bringing us joy and we have a strong enough passion to continue them, then that is truly a sweet reward in itself. Too often there have been the infamous “tortured artists” who seem miserable & bound by their creativity. She encourages the opposite, saying that those “Big Magic” inspired moments are less likely to find us if they don’t feel welcome.

I have never read Ms. Gilbert’s work until now, but I felt a certain kinship to her as I gobbled up each page of her book in just a few short hours. If you’re looking for another inspiring read that can get you motivated and creating, I highly recommend this book!

Have you read “Big Magic”? What were your favorite parts? Comment below!


*This is not a sponsored post – these are our own opinions*


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