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The Artist’s Way


This post today is on a topic that I am super passionate about and am so excited to share. Since we have such inspiring, creative readers, I’m sure many of you have already heard of, or have even read and completed “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with this book, I really hope it’s something you’ll take the time to do for your creative self at some point! I have only the highest of praise for this book and basically tell everyone I meet about it. Here’s the basic rundown:

What It Is-

A twelve week course to help unlock and unblock one’s creativity. Throughout the book, Cameron references a higher power that plays an essential role in unleashing your creativity. She refers to this as God but encourages the reader to substitute that with whatever their personal belief may be.

What You Need-

What You Do-

  • Daily: morning pages
  • Weekly: artist date, chapter reading, and weekly tasks


Morning Pages-

Every single day of the course, the reader is encouraged to do something called morning pages. This is basically a very free flow, non-calculated journal write for three full pages that you do when you wake in the morning. It’s meant to get out whatever thoughts, worries, frustrations, etc are clogging up your mind as you start your day.

Artist Date-

The next thing that is encouraged throughout the course is the artist date. This is supposed to be done once a week. An artist date is something that you pre-plan and then do with yourself at some point in the week. It’s generally something fun and playful that might seem silly spending your time on, but it’s important to set aside a time each week to explore some sort of activity or other with just yourself.

Chapter Readings-

The book is split up into twelve chapters. Each week includes a few pages of text that you read through to give you a better understanding and insight into that week’s focus.


Weekly Tasks-

At the end of the chapter readings each week, there is a list of generally 5-10 tasks that you are given to complete. If you are unable to do all the tasks in that week, Cameron suggests that you choose the ones that are most interesting to you as well as those that appear more frustrating. That initial reaction usually means you can benefit from those certain tasks the most.

At the end of each week there’s a quick check in, where you evaluate your progression and any insights that may have surfaced.

My Experience-

I did “The Artist’s Way” last Fall and felt I benefited greatly from it. The concept seemed a little overwhelming at first but I was determined to get the most out of this experience. I grew to really love the morning pages and noticed they revealed a lot of things I was needing to change in my life. I also loved the idea of the artist date, although I wasn’t as diligent with this one regretfully. It’s actually surprising how hard it can be to stick to a plan you’ve made with just yourself when something else comes up. This is something I’ve tried to make a priority since thought because our inner creative needs to be cared for and given the proper attention and freedom to play. I went into this process very excited and willing to learn and even though there were weeks that were harder to complete than others, I’m so glad I was able to fully finish it.

If you’re feeling like you could benefit with some more creative flow in your life, give this book a try! The lovely thing about it is that it’s for absolutely everyone, even if you don’t feel like you have anything creative to offer. Each of us has it within us and some of us just need a little more prodding to let it be free.

Have any of you done this course already and seen the benefits that have come from it? Let us know your thoughts and for those that are going to try this out, keep us updated on progression and journey!


** This is not a sponsored post. These opinions are my own. **


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