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Lauren Anderson – Creator of

About Lauren: Hi, I am Lauren Anderson. I grew up in Las Vegas but have since lived in Utah, Dallas, San Antonio and now Cincinnati for my husband’s residency in pediatric dentistry. I am a wife, a mother, and a maker. I have three children and a background in American Literature. I love to excercise,… Continue reading Lauren Anderson – Creator of

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10 Prettiest Easter Egg Ideas

I’ve always been a sucker for holidays and participating in the little traditions that go with them. With Easter coming up on Sunday, it’s the perfect time to decorate some Easter Eggs, grown up style. Here are our 10 favorite (& most aesthetically pleasing) ideas to spruce up your decorating this year. 1. Cactus Eggs… Continue reading 10 Prettiest Easter Egg Ideas


4 Amazing Articles and Speeches on Feminism and Creativity

1 – Writing Women Characters as Human Beings by Kate Elliott This article is one of the best I’ve read on the subject of writing about women.  At the beginning of the article the author mentions three crucial points to remember when writing about women: Have enough women in the story that they can talk to each… Continue reading 4 Amazing Articles and Speeches on Feminism and Creativity

Spotlights & Interviews

Maria Christine of mineINtwine

Tell us a little bit about the process for starting mineINtwine. I have always been really creative, crafty, and passionate about making things “pretty” (whether it’s gift packaging, party/holiday/home décor, DIY projects, etc.) Last July I left my job in Human Resources (after 9 years there) in order to be a homemaker and to help… Continue reading Maria Christine of mineINtwine