5 Items We Want This Spring


1 – Light denim skinny jeans

Like thesethese and these. Roll your jeans up so they rest a few inches above your ankle – then pair your jeans with some cute espadrilles.

2 – A Cute Water Bottle

I got a water bottle like this for Christmas.  It’s amazing!  I love the style, but I also love the fact that it can keep my water cold for so long.  These bottles are so perfect for spring workouts. Also, there are so many darling colors to choose from.

3 – Tiny White Earrings

These or these will go with any outfit and add a classy touch.

4 – The perfect book to read in the park

We’re looking forward to reading The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

5 – A new creative journal

Our favorites include: this one, these, and this one

What are some items you want this spring?  Share in comments.




6 thoughts on “5 Items We Want This Spring

  1. Denim flare pants.
    Shift dresses.
    Woven maxi skirts.

    Also…. Creative journal? I think you guys need to delve into that more!!! Is it just a normal journal with a creative cover or a journal focused on sparking and out letting creativity?! I hope it’s the latter.


    1. Definitely a journal/notebook where you add all your creative ideas 🙂 Basically, like all the ones that you keep, Whitney. You’re a genius and an inspiration. Also, I totally want a shift dress!


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