Travel Part III – Documenting Your Trip

The Orangery in Kensington Gardens, London in 2013

Below are a few dos and don’ts for documenting and sharing your travel story:

1 – Don’t overdo it on social media.

If you intend to post on Instagram during your trip, limit your posts to one or two daily.  If you hope to share more online later, create a Facebook album or add the pictures to your personal blog.

2 – Do Keep a journal

Take a few minutes at the end of each day on your trip to write about what you did and the fun things you saw. You will enjoy referring to this journal in the future to remember certain details you may have forgotten.

3 – Do Take pictures or keep a sketchbook

Whether your intention is to share your pictures or sketches or just keep them for your own personal records, it is important to document things visually.

4 – Don’t take too many pictures and forget to enjoy the experience you’re having at the moment

Unfortunately we live in a time where many people go to events or places in order to document it for social media rather than to just experiences something. Although taking pictures is important, don’t let taking a picture keep you from actually enjoying a moment that might better be remembered experienced rather than documented.

5 – Do Send Postcards

Bring a list of addresses of some close friends and family so that you can send postcards from the location you’re visiting.  Also, for fun, send a few postcards to your own address back home. The postcards you send to yourself will make a fun addition to your travel journal.


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