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Shauna Rae – Chic Over 50

About Shauna:

Hi, I’m Shauna, a wife, a mom, a grandma, a tennis player, a photographer, a lover of interior design, and ANYTHING when it comes to FASHION!

Check out Shauna’s blog here: Chic Over 50


Tell us a little bit about your Chic Over 50 blog.

Chic Over 50 started out as a place for me to have a little fun! Now, it’s grown in to something bigger, which I’m thrilled about! I’ve been asked by so many women, how to dress, what to do or not to do, what to wear when, and my favorite is to be asked to go out shopping with them! I LOVE to update a person, sort of like a mini-makeover! Most women get stuck, and I feel like I can help them out of their ruts! Every woman is beautiful, and some just don’t know how to bring that beauty out.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

Always been interested in fashion….always from the time I can remember. My mother sewed my clothes and I can remember those days going to the fabric store and picking out patterns and fabric for her next creation! I still remember going to the Sound of Music wearing a red corduroy dress with a plaid insert…..I can remember feeling very cute in that dress!!!


Do you subscribe to any fashion magazines? If so, what are your favorites?

Yes: InStyle and People Style Watch are my favs.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Anthropologie, JCrew, Neiman Marcus, and Rag and Bone boutiques! My favorite department store is probably Nordstrom because that’s what I have here at home.


What are your favorite trends so far this year?

Plaid and distressed jeans with chunky, baggy sweaters! Distressed jeans are getting more and more fashionable. When I first saw them, I thought, NO WAY! Now I love them! A bit more conservative though!

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?

Probably magazines. I love to get my catalogs in the mail, and then put the outfits to work for me.


Have you ever taken any fashion risks and ended up being grateful that you did?

My biggest fashion risk was just a couple of months ago, when I changed my hair color. It has always been dark, and I had a natural white streak in front that runs through my mother’s side of the family. We called it a white lock. Two of my boys have it, and a couple of grandchildren. I got tired of going in so often to cover the rest of the gray throughout, and thought going platinum would be easier. I was SO nervous, but only for a minute! It’s been REALLY fun! The only down-side was losing the contrast of the dark hair and white lock. It was always my signature!


What is some of the best fashion advice you can give to our female readers?

Know your body-type and what looks good on you, and also COLOR is very important. If you dress in the right color and silhouette, it can make all the difference in how you look!

You are also a photographer.  What are some of your favorite things to photograph?

My favorite subjects to photograph are my seven grand-babies of course! But I love anything! My camera goes with me nearly everywhere! We travel a lot, and I’ve never been afraid to pack around my big heavy camera to capture beautiful images!

(You can view Shauna’s photography website here: Shauna Rae Art)

What do you enjoy most about being a creative woman?

This is what usually keeps me up at night….seriously. I love being creative in every aspect of my life. Being creative brings me so much JOY and FUN, and pushes me to be better at all I do!


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9 thoughts on “Shauna Rae – Chic Over 50

  1. Love your photos Shauna. You are gorgeous, can’t wait til my hair goes all grey so I can rock it like you do. Your style is amazing. Will have to check your blog out. Cheers, Michele


  2. Girls, thank you so much for the nice spot-light! What a wonderful platform you’ve made to talk about other women. We are all here to inspire one another and lift each other up!!! You hear about “girl-power”……and it’s truly a powerful thing! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


  3. Shauna, I found your blog quite by accident on Facebook when Over 50 featured you. Love your style! We have the same haircut, too!! Blessings, Joan


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