Travel Part II – Packing & Final Prep



The time is here!  You’re getting ready to go on your vacation.  All you have left to do is pack and make a few phone calls. Where have you decided to go? What are you most excited for on your trip?  Are you ready for the new adventure?

Here are some important questions to ask yourself when making the final preparations for travel:

1 – How long will I be gone?

2 – What will the weather be like?

3 – Do I plan to check my bags or bring it with me on the plane?

If you’re nervous about having your luggage lost or you just don’t want to wait by the baggage claim after your flight, take your bag with you on the plane.  If you do this, make sure you pack lightly – also avoid bringing anything that is prohibited beyond airport security.

If you have no issues checking your bag, you will be able to pack a little more than if you take the bags on the plane with you.

4 – Is my bank aware that I will be traveling?

Notify them of where you will be traveling so that they don’t think fraudulent activity is occurring on your account.

5 – How much cash will I bring?

If you are traveling domestically, be sure to take out some emergency cash in case you have any issues with your credit card.

6 – Will the post office be holding my mail or will I ask a neighbor to get my mail for me?

It’s not fun to come home to an overflowing mailbox.

7 – Do you have someone designated to take care of your pets, plants, yard, etc.?

If you asked a neighbor or friend to collect your mail, perhaps they would also be willing to feed your pets and water your lawn.

8 – What are some essential items that I need to pack for every trip?

  • Water bottle (make sure it’s empty before going through security at the airport)
  • Camera
  • Government Issued ID or a Passport (if traveling internationally)
  • Journal or Sketchbook
  • Sunglasses
  • Books for a long flight or for lounging on the beach
  • If you’ll be driving – pack some healthy snacks and water

What last minutes tips do you have for travelers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Part III, and the conclusion, of our travel series will be up next week.


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