Travel Part I: Preparation

Part I of III



“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be
homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more
homesick than for familiar ground.”
– Judith Thurman

Are you antsy to travel somewhere new this year? Have you always wanted to go on an African safari or eat your way through Greece?  Or, have you always wanted to venture on a hiking trip only a few hours away from where you live? What’s nice about traveling somewhere new is remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune, or travel more than a thousand miles away.  It simply means that you go somewhere you’ve never been – implying that the options are pretty much endless.

To help you determine travel options for your year, use the following questions to help you make a decision:

1 – What are some places you have always dreamed of visiting?

With this question, feel free to list as many places as you’d like – even if you feel that it might not be realistic to travel there this year.

2 – What is your budget?

Make sure it is realistic and not forcing you to go into any debt.

3 – Are you hoping to travel somewhere domestically or internationally this year?

International travel will take more advance planning than domestic, so knowing where you would like to go and when will be helpful.

4 – If internationally, do you have a current passport?

If you don’t have a passport, make sure you begin this process right away.  It can take several months to receive one.

5 – If domestically, will you drive, fly, or take a bus?

What works best for your budget?  It is more convenient to fly to your location or is it much better to take your own vehicle? Sometimes a bus is a budget friendly and convenient option for a location not too far away.

6 – What kind of lodging situation are you looking for? Hotel? Airbnb? Hostel? Tent? Cabin? Stay with a friend?

Again, this is dependent upon your budget.  Look into several different options – perhaps try something you’ve never tried before.

7 – Do you have friends that have visited this location that could provide you with some advice and suggestions?

Friends are an excellent resource.  Ask them what they liked best about it, some of the best places to visit while there, and what restaurants they liked beset. Do they have any travel books they could lend you?  Also, ask if you can see pictures from their trip.

8 – How many people will accompany you?

If this is a family trip, it might take a bit more planning and a bit more of a budget as opposed to a solo trip which can be arranged somewhat more easily.

What are some other things worth considering?  Comment below and share your travel wisdom.  Next week we will feature Part II of the travel series.



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