8 Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home This Weekend


1 – Take a hot bath

Use your favorite bubble bath, bath bomb, or bath salts and fill your tub with hot water.  Light a candle and sit in the tub with a magazine or novel.

2 – Make a face or hair mask

Have you ever made your own face mask? Here are 8 homemade facial masks you can easily make.

Also, click here for 5 easy homemade hair masks.

3 – Light some candles and meditate or do yoga

Feel free to try out our yoga routine – or simply sit on a mat and unwind as you try some relaxing breathing exercises.

4 – Order pizza and watch your favorite movie

We recommend renting Nancy Meyers’ new movie “The Intern” on Amazon.

5 – Cuddle up and read a book

Find the most comfortable spot in your home and read the night away.

6 – Turn on your favorite album or spotify playlist and have a solo dance party

Burns calories + lots of fun = #workoutgoals

7 – Give yourself a pedicure

Sure, it’s still wintertime, but your feet need some attention! Give yourself a simple pedicure and you’ll be so grateful you did.

8 – Bake yourself a delicious (and healthy) dessert

Pick a recipe from some of the following ideas and you can make it and then enjoy it guilt free:

Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Treats Archives

100 Healthy Dessert Ideas

33 Healthier Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth



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