Sharing Warmth

If the world seems cold to you,
kindle fires
to warm it.
– Lucy Larcom

chopped wood.JPG
photo by Coryn Whitecar

It’s easy to be troubled by the issues surrounding us in the world.  Unfortunately, when we let those issues overwhelm our minds we often lose hope for a better world.  We feel that our place is insignificant and that discouragement makes us believe that our contribution won’t invite change.  Instead of focusing on how small we are in a big world, think of how big we can be when it comes to loving and caring for the people we know.  Think instead of ways to make someone smile or how to offer your time for service. Believe that by being a good person, you can offer so much to heal this hurting world. Our contribution to make the world a place with warmer hearts is bigger than we think.  Our impact on one individual can lead to their impacting others’ lives.

Here are four ways to warm someone’s heart today:

1 – Call up a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while.

Find a time during the day when you won’t be rushed, but a time that will allow you to immerse yourself in the conversation.

2 – Wake up with a better attitude.

 If you’re in a good mood and others can sense your happiness, people around you will most likely feel a desire to be happier too.

3 – Look for opportunities throughout the day to offer sincere compliments.

Think of qualities you truly admire in people and be sure to tell them why you think highly of them.  Tell a co-worker you appreciate their work ethic.  Remind a good friend why you love her smile so much.  Tell a stranger you like their outfit.  Many opportunities will present themselves during your day if you’re looking.

4 – Offer a simple act of service

Whether it’s holding a door open for a stranger or offering to babysit a kids friends while she runs a few needed errands – an act of service can go a long way.  People will feel the desire to serve others.

What things have you done to warm someone’s heart and brighten their day?  How did they react?  How did you feel?  Feel free to share your thoughts in our comment section.

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