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New Year’s Resolutions

Another year has come and gone and that means time for a fresh start in the New Year. I am definitely one of those people who loves making all sorts of New Year’s resolutions but doesn’t always follow through with them. I often get carried away in listing all the ways I want to improve my life, but then get overwhelmed when it comes to knowing where to actually begin. If you’ve had the same struggles as me, here are some ideas of different things to try this year to get your goals accomplished & live a happier life!


1. Keep a Bullet Journal

I just barely heard about this and absolutely love the concept. Its basically a super agenda/journal/sketchbook all wrapped into one. This is a great way to really hold yourself accountable for your goals and break them down into simpler tasks.

Boho Berry has a great tutorial and example of hers here

2. Get Organized

If this is one of the things you’re trying to be better at this year, focus on this upfront. The sooner you get your living space in order and clear out the clutter, the easier it’s going to be to follow through on your other goals. This in itself can be somewhat overwhelming for some people so try breaking it down into smaller sections room by room: start with just your closet then move on to your desk, etc.

Here are some helpful links for organizing tips:

34 Ingenious Ways to De-clutter

Getting Organized in the New Year

3. Do the Miracle Morning

This is a simple daily routine that is done the hour that you wake up. It’s made up of six steps: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribe. I’m excited to start doing this myself and see how it improves my daily productivity.

As We Stumble Along gives a great breakdown and explanation of the steps here

4. Drink Lots of Water

Your body will thank you. You will feel more refreshed and have more energy to get the things done that you need to. It’s recommended to drink half your body weight in water each day. I always squeeze fresh lemon into my water to add some flavor and get the extra benefits as well.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is crazy important. Staying on a set sleep schedule as best as you can will make a world of difference. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when your body has gotten the rest it needs.

6. Do Yoga

Whether you choose to fully explore the practice of yoga or just choose to do a few simple poses a day along with some meditation, this will do wonders. I’ve been doing yoga for about a year and have seen huge changes in not only my physical health, but also mental. Giving yourself that much needed time to honor your body and calm your mind is essential. I always notice a huge difference in my day and an increase in motivation when I take the time to do this.

If you’ve been curious to sign up for some classes at a nearby studio and are financially able, I highly recommend doing it! This will give you a better understanding of proper placement and risk of injury when there is a teacher able to help you.

But for those who choose to practice at home, here are some great online video channels/classes:

The Yoga Collective (paid monthly membership, but a cheap option!)

Yoga with Adriene

Kino Yoga

Yoga By Candace

Whether you try one of these things or all of them, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors this year. Happy New Year!





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