By Coryn Whitecar

francoise hardy

What is Francoise Hardy thinking about? Image from Oh So Lovely Vintage

It’s hard to believe the end of the year is already here.  2015 has come and gone and 2016 is only a few days away and the time for new resolutions will be upon us.  An important thing to do when the year comes to a close, before you start thinking about next year, is to reflect upon what you’ve accomplished and learned in the last several months.

My husband and I love to discuss the year in detail during the last week of December.  We talk about the good things and the not so good things that happened.  We consider what we could have done better as well as what we’re proud of accomplishing.  It’s also fun to go back and look through pictures from the year and talk about fun trips we took.

From a creative standpoint, it’s also important to consider how the year was used to make progress on your projects and ideas. I like to write these down in my journal so that I can look back on them often. I find that asking the right questions about your year can help you to discover what you truly did well as well as determine how you can improve.

Five questions to ask yourself while reflecting about the year:

1 – What did I do well this year?
2 – Are there things I could improve?
3 – What were the five happiest moments from the last 12 months?
4 – What are my three favorite creative accomplishments for the year?
5 – What were the best resources I used to help me accomplish my goals?

This exercise is best done alone. As Jane Austen said in Pride & Prejudice, “Reflection must be reserved for solitary hours…” Spend an hour or so pondering the year you created in 2015 in a setting where you can ponder clearly. Keep your answers accessible throughout 2016 so that you can continually reflect and improve upon the foundation you’re building for your creative life.

Happy New Year to all of you!



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