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DIY Painted Shoes

*Guest post from Cammy Cope*


What you need:

Pair of shoes

Fabric paint

Frog tape


Waterproofing spray

Sponge brush

Rubbing alcohol



1. Remove shoelaces from shoes.

2. Use the frog tape to cover the toe and rim of the shoe.

3. Use the sponge brush to paint. If you’re going for this design, I recommend purples and blues for the base coat. Mix colors!

4. Wait for base coat to dry.

5. Use toothpicks to paint on stars (or whatever design) in varying sizes.


6.Wait for it to dry.

7. Peel the frog tape off. Use rubbing alcohol if any paint got on the rim or toe of the shoe.

8. Spray with waterproofing spray.

9. Re-lace up the shoes.



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