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Five Tips for Awesome Christmas Cards

About Whitney Royal

Whitney Royal is a mother, wife, sister, and friend. She is a meticulous planner, epic procrastinator, crazy maker, and enthusiastic partier. She enjoys clothing design, shopping, and health sciences and has worked for periods of time in each of those fields. She dabbles in lots of different hobbies and occasionally posts to her corner of the internet at THE HORITO and haphazardly instagrams @thehorito.

Picture by Laura Hendricks

by Whitney Royal


For as long as I can remember, I have loved receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I love the artistic cards, the family photos, the family brag letters, hand written notes, return address labels, everything.

Here are a few tips if you are new to the Christmas card game.


If you want to find an inexpensive way to have cards made, use Costco. They have the most economical cards I’ve ever found; you can get 50 photo cards with envelopes for $15 and each additional 25 cards cost $5. No excuses.



Stamps cost the same whether you pick out fun ones or get the generic flags. It’s a fun way to add a bit of personality to your card. Ask your post office if you can see all their fun stamps that they have and then you can choose. Or just order them online. Shipping is $1, they have the complete selection to choose from, and you can skip the hour long lines.



If you can’t think of something clever to write on your cards, I recommend using Christmas carols as inspiration. Last year mine said, “COMFORT + JOY” which came from “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” I like that it felt fresh while still maintaining the Christmas spirit.


For the past three or four years, I’ve been sending out two different cards. It’s the best idea I’ve ever had and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.

One card is a bit kooky and eccentric like me. The pictures are usually silly and I let myself have free reign creatively to do whatever I want. Sometimes this card ends up being more expensive, and when it is, I limit the number of cards I send to those who I think really appreciate stationery and my weird sense of humor.

The second card is more traditional; it’s specifically designed for my husband’s grandparents, my aunt who puts the family pictures from Christmas cards into a photo album, and our relatives who don’t think it’s funny when we are goofy in our pictures. I try to keep the photos traditional with everyone attempting to smile or at least looking sweet, and I make the photos as large as possible so those with failing eyesight can make out who is who.



I love sending out cards that reflect my personality. Sometimes this means that I send out a super minimal, modern card, and a crazy quirky card. Sometimes this means that I write out a little update blurb. Sometimes this means that we take a few pictures of us in all of our crazy glory that fit our card. Sometimes this means that I pick out a greeting card that expresses my love and excitement about Christmas.

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