Spotlights & Interviews

Kristen Miles – Creator of Full Bloom Beauty

About Kristen

I’m a Southern California girl, a natural redhead and a lover of all things green.

You don’t find a native Southern Californian everyday- but I’m one! I’ve lived in Carlsbad, CA my entire life. Carlsbad is a beach town in San Diego County, but it’s also a rich agricultural region. My grandparents started growing palm trees and succulents here in the early 1960’s and I was lucky enough to spend time at their nursery as a kid. My summers breaks included running through greenhouses, planting baby Kentia palms and watering Pink Jade. That experience instilled a deep love of horticulture in me and I’ve carried on their legacy by growing many of my own plants.

In graduate school at USC, I studied Community Development where my focus was analyzing local communities and helping craft strategies to make those communities vibrant, happy places for residents to live. A huge component of that work is creating environments where small, local businesses and makers can flourish. For the last eight years I’ve been a research analyst and am now also a maker with Full Bloom Beauty.


How did you come up with the idea to start the shop Full Bloom Beauty?

Growing up on a nursery, I’ve always been surrounded by plants. My grandparents were makers and growers before it was trendy. My experience on the nursery showed me firsthand the power that botanicals have to enrich our lives. Our society is very focused on the purity of the ingredients we eat and put into our bodies. However our skin is actually our largest organ. And there hasn’t been as much focus on the purity of what we put on our skin. I started Full Bloom Beauty in response to this need. I use only pure, all-natural plant-based ingredients especially designed to bring out the natural beauty in all women.

With her sister and grandmother

Tell us a little bit about the products you sell in your shop.

Full Bloom Beauty features handmade whipped body butters, bath salts and scrubs made using only pure, all-natural botanicals inspired by the native landscape of California. I never use water, preservatives or fillers. I tap into local ingredients like avocados, citrus, lavender and rich florals, in addition to nourishing shea butter to develop highly concentrated beauty blends. All my goods are designed to enrich and brighten the skin to give women a Southern California glow!

What are some of your favorite ingredients to use?

I’m an avocado addict!  Of course I can’t get enough guacamole, but I also love avocado for my skin! I’ve been surrounded by avocados my entire life. San Diego County is the ‘Avocado Capital of the U.S.’ and produces over half of the avocados grown in California. Coconut oil may now be all the rage in the beauty industry, but avocado has been greatly overlooked. All my goods take full advantage of the amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and hydrating properties of avocados.


What recommendations or advice would you give to women who have sensitive skin?

As a natural redhead I’ve always had very fair, sensitive skin and have had to be very cautious. I get sunburnt on rainy days and I blush at the drop of a hat. My biggest piece of advice is read the labels on your beauty products! This applies to all women- but especially those with sensitive skin. We all read food labels at the grocery store but rarely read the labels on our beauty products. Avoid items that aren’t made using all-natural ingredients. It’s the man-made preservatives and fillers in bath and beauty products that most often cause problems for women with sensitive skin.

What’s your routine for keeping your skin healthy and glowing?

I’m all about efficiency and simplicity- who has time for a complicated routine?! I keep my skin healthy and glowing by focusing on hydration and detoxification. I drink tons of water throughout the day and moisturizing every night with rich body butter. Every Sunday I purify my skin by exfoliating my face, hands, and feet and soaking in the bath tub with using bath salts. My routine makes my skin glow naturally so I don’t have to rely on heavy make-up like foundation, powder and blush which can often irritate my skin.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in my local community. San Diego County is most well-known for beautiful beaches, yet most people don’t realize there are over 6,500 farms and nurseries here- more than any other place in the U.S.! Whether its avocado and citrus groves, lavender fields or greenhouses packed with poinsettias, I’m constantly surrounded by amazing potential ingredients for beauty goods.

What are some of your favorite places in Carlsbad, California?

My favorite place in Carlsbad is The Flower Fields. The Flower Fields cover 50 acres overflowing with gorgeous, vibrantly-colored ranunculus which cascade down a hillside near the Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect spot to pause, relax and take in all the beauty nature has to offer. The Flower Fields started as a private nursery in the late 1950’s but is now open to the public every Spring when the flowers bloom. The family who started the Flower Fields brought ranunculus to the United States from England and were the first growers of ranunculus in the U.S.

Another favorite spot is Torrey Pines Beach & Nature Reserve- it’s a little outside Carlsbad but still quite close. It is a dramatic spot with cliffs that overlook the ocean and beach below. The reserve is home to Torrey Pine trees- the rarest pine tree in the U.S. and an endangered species. The smell of the pine trees mixed with the salty ocean air is intoxicating. Both the bluffs and the beaches at Torrey Pines are breathtaking spots for picnics and hikes.

Her Grandparents’ nursery


Who are some creative women that you look up to and admire?

My mother is my greatest creative inspiration. Growing up, my mom was always making and creating for my sister and I- whether it was sewing Christmas dresses and Halloween costumes, making holiday decorations or building play houses. We always felt special knowing everything my mom made was just for us. She gave us her love, her time and her care in everything she made for us. My mom taught me that creating and making are truly the best ways to show your love for others.

What is your favorite accomplishment?

Launching Full Bloom Beauty was a very proud accomplishment! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my love of botanicals and all-natural beauty through my shop. Every woman deserves healthy, glowing beautiful skin and now Full Bloom Beauty is here to help!

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

Women have long been associated with nature- hence “Mother Earth”. This deep connection to nature and the earth is very powerful for women – it makes us nurturing and loving yet also strong and wild.



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