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Thank You Note Challenge

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Happy Gratitude Month!  As the beautiful month of November begins we figured we would kick it off with a challenge: The Thank You Note Challenge

Ever since I can remember, my mother taught me to always write thank you notes.  Always.  I’m grateful for her counsel because I feel that writing letters of gratitude is now a part of me. I remember writing thank yous after my birthday parties as a kid, after Christmas, and to my various school teachers and church leaders. I remember spending hours writing thank you notes after my husband and I got married to thank guests for bringing gifts and to thank those who participated in helping make the reception beautiful.

There are so many reasons to write and express gratitude besides thanking someone for a gift: thank a friend for their positive influence; thank someone for meeting up with you for lunch or for having you over; write to a family member you may not have spoken to in a while; thank the person who conducted a recent job interview – the list could go on and on.

Handwritten correspondence is rare these days (even rarer to received handwritten correspondence with a stamp sent via mail).  While I’m not discrediting e-mail or a phone call or even a simple text message, there is something so much more meaningful and important about receiving a handwritten letter.

Also, let’s not forget that being grateful helps us to be happier, kinder people.

So are you ready to participate?  The challenge will go as follows:

1 – Get Your Supplies

Buy or make stationary or postcards and be sure to get postage stamps.

2 – Write Three Different People

Choose three people you would love to thank.  Write down the names of these people in a journal, agenda, or as a reminder in your phone. If you write something down, you’re more likely to remember to do it.

3 – Invite Friends to Participate

Feel free to invite others to participate on social media. Share this article on Twitter or Facebook, or post an Instagram with the hashtag #thankyounotechallenge

4 – Share Your Experience

We want to hear about how the challenge goes! Please e-mail us (herideablog {at} with your thoughts on the challenge. We hope to share your various experiences on the blog early in December. Submit any thoughts about your experience before November 30th.

5 – Continue To Write

If the challenge is something you enjoyed, please continue to write thank you notes and other kinds of letters to friends.  Letters are something to cherish.


6 thoughts on “Thank You Note Challenge

  1. What a lovely challenge!!! Unfortunately, I rebelled against my proper upbringing and have refused to do thank you notes for the past 10 years (hangs head in shame). After all the TY notes following my wedding and then a year later after the birth of my oldest, I felt they had gotten too generic and forced. Not the act of Thanking, but the method. I wanted to be more personable so instead of writing I call people or thank them face to face. I also send small gifts of gratitude quite regularly. But I think you are on to something. The art of the handwritten note is practically a thing of the past, and it is precious. =o) Thank you for that reminder!



    1. I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of! I think you are absolutely right. You have to do what you feel is most sincere. I think there are definitely many methods in which we can genuinely express gratitude. Thanks for your comments! 🙂


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