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Emily Susan Kim’s Photography Tips

1 – Awesome light trumps awesome location Having both is the dream! We had this totally dreamy location for this engaged couple. There were some HUGE, gorgeous mountains that would have been a seriously stunning backdrop. When I positioned my clients so the mountains were in the background, I realized very quickly that the lighting… Continue reading Emily Susan Kim’s Photography Tips

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Emily Susan Kim – Photographer

About Emily: When I was a baby, it was very clear to my parents that I hated having a camera in my face. There are no pictures of me smiling at my first birthday party because the cameras just made me scream and cry. As a joke, my grandparents gifted me a baby book called “MY CAMERA” about a boy and his dad… Continue reading Emily Susan Kim – Photographer

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Maya Angelou’s “Letter to My Daughter” & Writing Our Own Stories

Believe it or not, this is the first Maya Angelou book I’ve read.  I feel like I should beat myself up a little bit for not having read her work before – considering she is a much loved and praised author. I was incredibly impressed with her collection of essays in Letter to My Daughter.  Her way of… Continue reading Maya Angelou’s “Letter to My Daughter” & Writing Our Own Stories

Spotlights & Interviews

Aurora Florence – Singer, Actress and Expert Thrifter

About Florence: I grew up a blessed and happy child in Northern California, outside of Sacramento. It was there that I discovered some of my great loves in life: music, acting, and thrifting. I really owe it all to my mom. We were cleaning out our garage when I was 7 and found her old… Continue reading Aurora Florence – Singer, Actress and Expert Thrifter