5 Things I Love

5 Things I Love About Amelie

“Amelie Poulin” by Cammy Cope
This is the first of our “5 Things I Love About…” articles.  We will talk about five reasons why we love something or someone (i.e. a movie about a woman, a favorite literary character, a famous female, a female author, etc.).

I first saw Amelie over eight years ago when I was 19 years old. I remember when it ended it felt like a hole had been filled in my heart. The movie instantly became one of my favorites. So, without further ado, here are five reasons why I love the film Amelie.

1. A Quirky, Shy, French Female Lead Character

Basic Plot – Audrey Tautou plays the timid Amelie Poulin, a character who decides to devote her life to bringing happiness to those around her. She steals a gnome, solves some mysteries, makes a few mistakes, and finds friends and love along the way.

I love the timidity and sweetness of the main character as she sincerely attempts to bring joy to her fellow Parisians. Filmmaker Jean Pierre Jeunet did an excellent job writing this delightful character.

2. The Montmartre Scenery

Montmartre has lots of cute little corners and, of course, epic settings. Sacre Coeur (definitely epic) is the setting for one of the best known scenes in the movie. If you ever visit Paris, you definitely must visit this portion of the city. I love how Amelie is almost a love story written for the beautiful city of Paris – it makes you want to take a trip there if you’ve never been and it reminds those that have been there why they love it.

3.The Color Scheme

A perfect blend of greens, reds and yellows. When I first saw this movie I wanted to become an art director in film.  Although that dream was short lived (never really pursued, actually), I still find that I am drawn to film or art with beautiful color combinations.

4. Yann Tiersen’s Parisian Soundtrack

Accordions, pianos and strings – what could be more French than that? The first time I went to Paris I made sure this soundtrack was on my iPod and I listened to it as the train from London entered France.

5. The Themes

There are so many themes and lessons that can be applied from Amelie, but I think the two themes that stick out the most to me are: 1) In serving others you find joy and, 2) Don’t be afraid to fall in love.


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